Strandgården – the old farmhouse

A little history

We bought the old farmhouse, Strandgården, near Kaløvig in 2002. It is situated approximately 20 minutes from Århus. Our family includes Mogens and Inge – a Construction Engineer and an Occupational Therapist, together with our children Mathias and Mads.

We fell in love with the fascinating 200+ year history of the Farmmhouse. So much in fact, that we resigned from our jobs and moved from Vejen, to start a new and very different life as Campsite Owners.

Kaløvig strandgård served as an Estate Farm for Rosenholm Castle, and in 1900`s served as host to nobility, who arrived via horse drawn Carriage to take advantage of the farms Bathhouse on the Beach.

In the 1960’s the Farmhouse was sold to a Photographer, Mogens Amsnæs and his wife, and they converted Strandgården to, a “modern Campsite” with Toilets, Showers and a Site Shop. The opening of the Campsite in 1962 was attended by the two very famous Danish Actors Dirck Passer and Lily Broberg.

In the late 1970’s the Farmwas bought by Aarhus Businessmen, and with the help of the Architect School, the Farm was transformed into an exclusive Restaurant and Gallery.

In the middle of the 1980’s they sold Strandgården to a Company with Limited Partnership, and the Restaurant was least out, as it had become a very well known Restaurant.

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