kaløvig strandgård


4-star campsite at Syddjurs in the heart of Kaløvig, right next to the cove.

A smaller square, with terraces that follow the meandering landscape and give most places a fantastic view of the sea.

Strandgården, which is the heart of the square, is located in the middle and is over 200 years old and thus has a long and exciting history.

In the 1900s, it functioned as a guest farm for Rosenholm Castle, which hosted the nobility when they came traveling in horse-drawn carriages to use the farm’s bathhouse on the beach.

In the 1960s, the farm was sold to photographer Mogens Amsnæs and his wife. They transformed the beach yard into, according to the standard of the time, a modern campsite with both toilet, shower and kiosk.

In connection with the opening in 1962, celebrities such as Dirch Passer and Lily Broberg at the inauguration. This is where the song “Hul i Spanden” comes from.

At the end of the 1970s, businessmen from Aarhus bought the farm, and with the help of the school of architecture, transformed the farm itself into an exclusive restaurant and gallery.

In the mid-80s, they sold the beach farm. After that, it was run as a limited partnership, with the restaurant leased out, which had gradually become very well known.

Mogens and Inge Nielsen bought the farm in 2002, and the limited partnership’s long history is over. They are starting the major renovation of almost the entire farm and the square, which had unfortunately become overgrown and neglected.

The campsite is then run with an emphasis on quality and good service. Known for good and clean facilities, fantastic location and nice cabins.

We (Lars, Sanne and our three children) fell head over heels for the place and moved the family from Thy to Djursland. Where we will take over the place in autumn 2023. Our mission with the place is clearly to continue the good service and quality and then we want to give more people the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful setting – also in winter. That is why we have now renovated the Fireplace Room so that it can be used for several purposes. As teaching, intimate concert, comedy, course, conference, team building, boot camp, cooking, children’s birthday, retreats with overnight stay, the possibilities are many.

We also have a lovely sauna which is open all year round, perfect for winter bathing.

Yoga lessons will start in the new year, we are very much looking forward to that.

We are so excited for our new adventure.

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